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The Bees Knees?????

The Bees Knees?? What does that mean? Who says that? Do bees REALLY have knees?

Apparently, the phrase was popular in the 1920's and if something was referred to as "the bee's knees" it meant that it was pretty special.

The question still remains, do bees have knees?

Bees have six sections to their legs:

The tarsus, metatarsus, femur, trochanter and the coxa. Similar to many animals, each section is connected by a joint. One in particular, the one in between the femur and the tibia resembles a knee.

Bee's legs have many functions. They have pollen baskets on their hind legs for harvesting pollen and carrying it back to their hive. Their front legs are specially designed to clean their antennae and all of their legs have a caw for gripping and sticky pads for landing on slippery surfaces.

At Tranquil Hive, we believe all the functions of bee's legs are pretty amazing, including their knees. So, if someone calls you the "bee's knees" take it as a compliment because not only do bees have knees (or something like it) but they are pretty cool too!

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