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My Honey Looks... WEIRD!

Is it crystalizing? Welcome to pure, raw honey! That's right! Crystallization doesn't mean the honey went bad. Let us explain...

Honey contains two main types of natural sugars; fructose and glucose. There is also water in honey. As beekeepers, we wait to harvest the honey until the moisture level is below 17%. In the winter, bees actually survive on the water in the honey because it is too cold to leave the hive to find water. When honey crystallizes, it is the glucose separating from the water. Some honey will crystalize more quickly than others. The pollen in the honey provides a platform for this process to begin so it all depends on exactly what the bees brought in. It doesn't change the shelf life. If this process happens to your honey, it means it is the real deal!

You can do everything with crystalized honey that you would normally do with liquid honey. Make sure the container is closed tightly (you do not want to introduce water into the honey) and run it under warm water. The crystals will melt away. Do NOT boil it or overheat it.

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