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Bees make bread

Did you know that bees make bread? Yup, they sure do. However, not in the same way you are probably thinking. Beebread is a mixture of pollen, honey and enzymes, stored by the bees in the combs. It takes approximately 160,00 grains of pollen with nectar and saliva to make one cell. In addition, scientists have found that bees add extra secretions and micro-organisms (such as bacteria and mold) to the bee bread. This helps to break down some of the pollen and release amino acids and other nutrients from the pollen.

So why do bees make it any why is it so important? Beebread is considered similar to a human's milk. They use it to feed the growing larvae, adult bees and the queen. It is thought to have probiotic benefits for the bees.

Beebread is incredibly important as bees begin to raise brood at the beginning of the spring. No beebread, no brood. If the human being kept by the bees is worried, they can always supplement by feeding a pollen substitute. With this said, always know WHY you are taking action with the bees. Why you are feeding substitute, or sugar, ect.

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